How To Choose The Best Gun Holster for Everyday Carry

When you are in search of a best gun holster that will be used for everyday use, there are three things that your holster must provide to you. No matter what your weapon of choice is that you carry one a day-to-day basis your holster should provide you with:

best gun holster

  • Carry Comfort. When your holster is comfortable, you are more inclined to keep your gun with you. If your holster is not comfortable to you, you will run the risk of not having your weapon on you and in turn, leaving you vulnerable in the event of a potential attacker.
  • Weapon Retention. It is very important that your holster will retain your gun no matter what you find yourself doing. If your holster is not able to retain your weapon, you could find yourself in front of the barrel of your own gun.
  • The effort to Retrieve Your Gun. If you have to put a large amount of effort into retrieving your gun, this will cause you to lose precious time if you are attacked. Most attacks are close contact, and if you are not able to retrieve your weapon quickly, it could cost you your life if the threat is life or death.
  • Effectively Hit Your Target. If you are not able to effectively hit your target in the time that is needed when you are attacked, you may find yourself in a very sticky situation. When you are not able to effectively hit your target, it is probably because the positioning of the gun in the holster is not ideal for your shooting and drawing style.
  • Concealed Carry. If you are looking for a holster that you will use for concealed carry, be sure that the holster does the job. When you conceal your weapon, you are allowing yourself to have the element of surprise if you are faced with an attacker.

It is important that you are accustomed to your holster and that you have the holster work for you. When your best gun holsterholster does not work for you, you can end up on the wrong side of the barrel; whether it is your own barrel or the attacker’s. You will not know if a certain gun holster is right for you until you can try it out and you know what you are looking for in a gun holster. Your gun holster should not be a beauty statement, but a tool that will allow you to defend yourself in the event of an attack.


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Comfort with Your Concealed Carry Holster

It is important that you are comfortable with your holster. This comfort comes from the design of the holster and the materials that are used to construct the holster itself. When it comes to comfortable holsters, most gun owners prefer holsters that are constructed of leather or molded plastic. best gun holsterThe leather gun holsters require more of a break in period; however, once the holster is broken in, you will find that it is more comfortable than many other holsters. When you wear your leather gun holster to break it in, you will allow the gun holster to not only form its shape around the gun you are using, but it will also form its shape around your own body curves. When a leather holster has conformed to you and your body, it will be more comfortable than other holsters that are not custom made. If the leather becomes too loose for your liking, you can simply place the holster in warm water for twenty to thirty seconds and allow it to dry overnight. You will not need to purchase a different holster because you can easily correct the slight flaw yourself.

Many different gun holsters are molded plastics. Some of the best gun holsters that are molded plastic include injected-molded plastics and thermoplastics. Thermoplastics are holsters that are molded with the use of heat. Holsters like these are not particularly ideal for a holster that will remain in a car on a hot day because the holster will then wrap and could possibly be ruined. These holsters do not require a break-in period, and they will never conform to your body the way leather holsters will. The way that the gun holster is delivered is how it will stay if treated correctly. This means that the holster will not become more comfortable over time, and if this holster is uncomfortable to begin with, you may not want to purchase it.
Plastic holsters can grip the gun is various places to include the trigger guard. With the ability to click into place, the plastic gun holsters will allow less friction to take place between the gun and the holster compared to leather holsters. Leather holsters and plastic holsters are great materials for your everyday holster to be constructed from when choosing your next gun holster. Each material has its pros and cons; however, whichever you choose should be comfortable for you to wear all day and every day. Choosing a holster that is comfortable will allow you to be more confident with your holster, and it is more likely that you will keep your gun and gun holster with you on a daily basis.

Weapon Retention Provided by Your Gun Holster

It is very important that your gun holster retains your weapon properly. If your holster does not have a proper fit B00A0KS5CUwith your gun, you could find that your weapon drops when doing everyday activities, and if you find yourself needing to run for any reason, you must be confident that the gun holster will properly retain your gun. If you are looking for a gun holster that is not used for concealed carries, this feature on the holster is very important. If you are a law enforcement officer or military personnel, and you have a gun holster that is secured to your belt, you want to be sure that the gun holster properly fits your weapon.

Gun holsters that are concealed carry normally do not have the issue of poor weapon retention. These holsters are made to retain the firearm properly because of the design of the holster. It is, however, important that you properly fit your holster to your gun, even with concealed carry, to avoid the potential of the firearm falling from the holster. When you properly fit the holster to the gun, you will not have to worry about your gun falling. You must also think about how the holster retains the gun. If there is too much retention given by your holster, this could cause difficulty in retrieving your gun when you need it most.

Effort to Retrieve Your Gun from Your Gun Holster

When you find a holster that you like, it is recommended that you have the gun that you are buying the holster for, best gun holsterwith you. This will allow you to feel how the holster retains the weapon and how the holster feels to you when the gun is holstered. When you are trying out the holster, it is important that you see how the holster works with the gun. If you are not able to take the weapon out of the holster, smoothly this may not be the right holster. It is imperative that you can quickly retrieve your gun from the holster in the event of an attack. If the gun gets caught in any part of the holster, or the holster is not canted just right for you, you may want to consider a different holster.

On the other hand, if the gun slides out without any effort at all, this may not be good retention for the weapon. It is important that you have retention on the gun while still being able to retrieve the gun in a matter of seconds. If you know that your draw is not great, but you are still able to retrieve the weapon, you may just need to practice on your draw. If you have any questions, ask the person that is selling you the holster. Many stores that are dedicated to selling guns and holster will have a little knowledge that they can share with you when purchasing your next holster. Be wary, not everyone that sells holsters knows what they are talking about when you ask them a certain question. It is recommended that you research how to decide on a good holster before purchasing. If you still have questions about the holster, you can try your luck and see what that specific sales associate says. It comes down to common sense. If what that person is saying sounds right and is close to what you have researched in the past, it could be the right information. The associate that will provide you with the correct information will have more times than not be working in a store that is solely devoted to guns and holsters.

Effectively Hit Your Target

When you draw your weapon, you want to ensure that your weapon is properly placed so that you can confidently best gun holsterand quickly aim at your target. You do not want to have to turn your gun in any way to prepare for your shot. When you draw your weapon, you must be able to draw and aim at your target in one, easy motion. You also want to know your weapon so that you understand how the recoil feels in your hand. When you draw your weapon, you want to draw the weapon while preparing for the recoil at the same time.

When you are shopping around for your next holster, you want to remember that the holster has to work for you. If you do not have a gun holster that works for you, you could find yourself taking too much time to defend yourself. When drawing the weapon from the holster, you should be able to aim at the target immediately and also be prepared for the recoil of the weapon when shot. To effectively hit your target, it is recommended that you go target shooting and learn how your gun and holster work together. Once you can find a comfortable and effect positioning of the gun and gun holster, you will be ready, and confident, to protect yourself when the time comes.
When you are learning t effectively hit your target, you are looking for the maximum control of the gun. Remember that the lighter the gun and the larger the caliber, the greater the recoil. Depending on what type of gun and caliber, will allow you to understand better your effectiveness when shooting. Shoulder holsters are great options for weapons that are small to medium frame guns and if you want the gun to be horizontal to provide you with ease of draw and concealment. Vertical shoulder holsters are better for larger guns, and you may find that it is harder to draw your weapon. The shoulder holsters are not for everyone, so if you are interested in this type of holster, be sure to try it out first.

Concealment Carry

If you are using your gun for personal protection, you will need to have the element of surprise when you are best gun holsterencountered by an attacker. If the attacker knows that you are protected with a gun, the attacker may change tactics and attack you from another angle than a common attack. For example, it is known that most attacks occur in front of you and with close contact. If an attacker knows that you are protected with a personal firearm, they will most likely attack you from the back and with more distance.

When you conceal carry, you want the element of surprise, but you also want to be able to reach your weapon promptly. You do not want to waste time retrieving your weapon only to reposition the weapon to effectively fire. When you are concealing your weapon, be sure that the holster you choose is placed in an ideal location to draw and aim in one smooth motion. If you are not too flexible in your arms, you do not necessarily want a holster that is placed on the back of your pants or in the small of your back. You want to have your weapon easily accessible to you. You also want to be sure that your gun is properly concealed so the smaller the gun, the smaller the holster and the less exposure of the gun itself. This is more practical for concealed carry for everyday use.


There are many different options that you can choose from when you are in search of a gun holster for everyday use. When you venture out to look for a gun holster, you want to have knowledge about your gun, knowledge about potential holsters that would work best for you and the ability to check the listed items off when you are trying the holster. If you can check these items off your checklist, you will be more confident that you are purchasing the correct holster for you. Be sure to do your research and ask questions if you do not understand what you are looking for in a holster. The questions that you ask could be the determining factor of becoming a victim and effectively protecting yourself and the ones that you love.