Looking at the Bedside Holster Systems along with Best Options

Looking at the Bedside Holster Systems along with Best Options:

While some people choose to keep their weapons near them during nights, I’d prefer a better option. Using a bedside holster is good, especially, if you are not working during typical office hours. You might need your weapon while you are sleeping and if you are keeping it just near you, then your safety will be a question mark here.

Using a bedside holster system is recommended because you’re holding a weapon for safety purposes and when you got to mishandle it, and then there is no meaning in keeping it. Now, let’s see about the bedside holster systems and the options here…

Shotgun Mounts at your bedside:

If you are having a big gun when needs to be placed on your bedside, you must try using the shotgun mounts. These, which are available for just $22 on some online shopping websites, can be called as the inexpensive, as well as the most reliable to keep your weapon at your bedside.

These can be used for mounting a twelve-gauge weapon with ease during the night. Buy this and keep your weapon at reach always.

Gun Magnets:

Not only for your bedsides but also you can use this almost anywhere. For bedtime needs, I would prefer to go with the magnets as these are ideal and tactical.

bedside gun safes

If you’re having a table within reach from your bed, just use these systems for accessing your weapon from your bed as and when needed. At just $12 to $15, these systems will do all tricks! Just search on Google for the how-to pictures to know how useful these are.


Under-the-Mattress Holsters:

When you have some naughty children at home, you can’t place your weapon within reach visibly. They might be very curious to check how it works and how to use. Therefore, it’s essential that you go for the holsters that can be fitted under your mattresses.

While it will not be visible to the eyes of your children, you can have an easy access to it whenever necessary. These holsters are available for just $25 and so on.

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Dropdown Safe Holsters:

These are the best systems when you’re complaining about the lack of safety with the other systems. Aren’t you thinking that you can’t leave your loaded weapons unsecured in your bedrooms? With these dropdown systems, you are sure to get what you need.

Universally, this is the favorite system for the gun owners your gun will be conveniently positioned once your system is opened. Added to the convenience, these would make a rock-solid, as well as a quiet dropdown safe when a combination or a biometric lock is added to it. The price of these safety holsters is starting at around $130.

Biometric Single Gun Safe Holsters:

This is a classic and a true system that has been tried by many gun owners. This is the most favorite system for several of the people in America who want to safeguard their guns at the same time should be within reach. Costing at around $80, this would fit nicely into your nightstand drawer if it is the preferred place to keep your guns at night.

This again would provide you with the much-needed safety when there are some mischievous children at your home.

bedside gun safes

Two Best Options:

While you can do these holsters at your home easily, there are some products that are worth buying. Here, we can quickly see the best options available:

Fobus Tactical RBT series:

These bedside holsters are designed for a wide range of handguns and they are found to be having the ability to hold your firearms in a more convenient way. Not only it can hold your gun, but also it can hold a light attached to your guns. The price of this bedside holster is around $25.

Bull Dog Case Holder:

This came up in the list of bedside holster because you can safeguard your loaded weapon as invisible to the eyes of other people, especially children. This, which is designed to look like mobile phone holsters, will be decisive to the prying eyes. You could hide your small gun effortlessly with this system. Priced at about $15, this is in the best one to occupy your nightstands.

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