Choosing a Leg Gun Holster

Choosing a Leg Gun Holster

Unless you choose to carry your handgun in your hands, you must go for holsters. With lots of gun holsters available today, you will be wondering how to select one. This article will help you on this. While everyone is aware of the thigh holsters, leg holsters are often not considered. But, a leg gun holster works much in the same way as your hip holster. And, these are more tactical than your conventional thigh holsters. So, how to choose the best leg gun holster? Let’s review the best leg gun holsters available in the market here. So, just read on…

Leapers UTG Special Ops Universal:

This, which costs just around $20 in your online shopping websites, is got the perfect tactical design to keep your gun in an easy-to-draw ready position. Thus, this holster is going to serve you whenever you need it the most. This fully adjustable type of universal gun holster would allow you to get the right fit for your gun.

Choosing a Leg Gun Holster

Choosing a Leg Gun Holster

Therefore, you’ll wear it more comfortably, no matter, where you are adventuring! The making of this holster is found to have a nylon construction and this comes with a Velcro strap and a buckle system. Thus, you can release your gun as soon as you need it without much effort. This also comes with the magazine pouch, which can be called as a value addition to this useful gadget.

Condor Tornado Tactical:

This gun holster is featuring a wrap around design and is meant to hold your pistols having laser or flashlight mounts. Although this holster can accommodate only a right-hand draw, I’d say this is a good pick for the price of around $30.

Choosing a Leg Gun Holster

This is because it has a completely adjustable leg strap that comes along with a non-slippery rubber lining. Here again, you have a buckle system that can be released very easily whenever you need. Like your UTG Special Ops, this also has a magazine pouch as an extra feature. This would be the best selection for all medium to large-sized guns.

VISM by NcStar:

When we speak about security and stability, we’ll get reminded of only the best products. Likewise, when it comes to security and stability in leg gun holsters, we would get reminded of this holster. With durable PVC, this holster is sure to come a long way in your adventures. This again is a universal holster that is designed in such a way to accommodate almost all your medium to large-sized handguns.

Choosing a Leg Gun Holster

The price of this holster is ranging from $13 to $53 in the famous online shopping websites. When you’re considering cost as a factor to buy in addition to safety and durability, you must consider this. While the above two models are offering you with one magazine pouch, this holster will come with three magazine pouches and therefore, you can carry some additional magazines when you’re on duty or adventures.

BLACKHAWK! Omega VI Ultra:

Although this is quite expensive when compared to the above-mentioned models, this is worthier. While most of the models can be configured for only for the right-hand draws, this model can be configured for both right-hand and left-hand draws. Thus, if you’re a left-hand user, I’d say you can blindly choose this model. Not only this, this holster has many other special features. Firstly, this is completely adjustable and you are certain this applaud this for comfort.

Choosing a Leg Gun Holster

The leg straps are found to be made of rubbers and these are elasticized to increase the user comfort levels. This also offers the greater stability so that the holster won’t slip down when you are on your adventure. Additionally, this contains a magazine pouch. Furthermore, there are rooms for keeping your flashlight, knife, mobile phones, and keys. Thus, you don’t have to carry these essentials separately as there is one gadget that could serve all the purpose for you!

Choosing a leg gun holster My Pick:

From the above reviews, you would have gotten a better picture of the best leg holsters in the market today. If you ask me what my personal pick is, I’d say the BLACKHAWK! Although all the models are designed in a great way, this one is found to be having some impressive features. So, I’d go for this although it’s quite costly!

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