Best Gun Holsters Reviews 2016 – Ultimate Guide

There are many things to consider when you are looking for a gun holsters that will perform to your expectations. Whether you need a gun holster for concealed carry or you need a gun holster for running, there are many options of gun holsters to choose from, that will meet all of your needs. Different holsters will work differently for each individual and each individual will have different needs to how the holster must perform for them throughout their daily lives.

Best Gun Holsters

Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Holster

There are many different things to consider before you purchase your next gun holster. You must ensure that the holster you choose to use will be safe and practical when concealing your gun. Here are a few things to think about when shopping around for your next gun holster.

  • Covered Trigger Guard and Safety- the holster should cover the trigger guard, and no materials of the holster should bulge into the trigger guard because it could depress the trigger; you also want the safety to be protected, and not disengage in the holster
  • Concealment- element of surprise when responding to an attacker who is presenting deadly force
  • Comfort- the more comfortable the holster and gun combination is to you, the more likely you will bring the pair with you instead of leaving it at home
  • Drawing- must be able to draw your weapon quickly and with ease from your holster
  • Exact Fit/ Maintains Form- a good holster will conform to your gun and maintains its characteristics for a long time; this aids in retention
  • Retention- your holster must keep the gun out of the attacker’s hands but easy for you to draw; holsters vary with internal devices and thumb tabs

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Best Gun Holsters for Women 2016 – 2017

Top 15 Best Gun Holsters

Gun Holsters For Women’s Purses

Hip Hugger Classic- Concealed Carry Holster

207Customer Reviews

When using the Hip Hugger Classic gun holster, you are able to conceal carry up to four compact weapons on your person. This gun holster for women is great because it also allows you to carry other items such as your phone within the holster itself as well as three extra magazines. The military elastic and 3-row hook and eye closure design of the gun holster to allow the wearer to have an adjustable fit for added comfort. The hypoallergenic no-slip grip, will allow your holster to remain in the location on the body that you desire without slipping or slightly moving throughout the day. This gun holster for women also does not bulge. Your concealed carry gun will provide you with the element of surprise in the event you are attacked with deadly force. This holster is ideal for weapons that measure 6.5 inches in length. There are many sizes to choose from when purchasing your new gun holster for women. If you are a woman that likes to have the holster lower on the hips or higher on the torso, you can also purchase size extenders to achieve the comfort and positioning of the holster further. The holster is meant to fit snug in order for the weight of the weapon to be supported evenly throughout the holster.

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Goson Concealed Carry Purse-Leather Locking Gun Bag

116Customer Reviews

If you are a women that does not have the outfit to wear a holster because your dress fits closer to the body, there are other options for you. You can invest in the Goson concealed carry purse to ensure that you are protected whenever you experience an attack. The locking purse will not only allow you to conceal carry your gun, but you will also be able to draw your weapon from the right or the left. The holster itself inside the purse is also removable and allows you to use the holster as a belt holster. The strap of the purse is reinforced and slash-resistant. This will allow you to confidently carry your gun holster purse around without the worry of the purse being taken by anyone unexpected. The leather purse features a locking zipper with a dedicated pocket for your weapon only. The rest of the compartments in the purse will allow you to carry any other necessities that you will need; just like a regular purse. The gun compartment of the purse will allow you to carry weapons of various sizes from pocket autos to Glocks. This means that the purse is ideal for women that possess a regular sized handgun.

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Concealed Carry Purse Holster by Packin’ Neat

21Customer Reviews

Let’s say that you are a women that really likes her fashionable and name brand purses but still want to conceal carry; there is an option for you. With the concealed carry purse holster, you can turn any purse that you own into a concealed carry purse, as long as your purse is big enough for the holster. No matter what larger purse you have, you will be able to convert any of your purses to concealed carry purses anytime that you want. All you have to do is place the holster into your purse and you are good to go. The holster is designed to conceal your weapon in the event that someone is able to see into your purse while you are reaching for other items. This however, does not limit your ability to retrieve your weapon when being attacked. The holster will hold the gun in a vertical position with the muzzle of the gun pointed down. The holster also features multiple pockets so that you can organize the items in your purse. This will make it easier for you to transfer everything from one purse to another in the event that you want to change out your purse to match your outfit.

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Gun Holsters For Vehicles

Concealed Carry Automotive

40Customer Reviews

If you are a concealed gun owner and you are bothered by the gun and holster combination when driving, there are options for you. This gun holster for cars will allow you to remove the gun you are carrying from your personal holster and drive with more comfort, while providing a safe place for your weapon. The holster is able to be inserted between the driver seat and the center console or between the passenger seat and the center console. The holster is capable of holding your weapon, three additional magazines and an extra pocket for any other items. The holster is ideal for full-size sedans, trucks and SUVs. This gun holster for trucks is essential for all gun owners that do not own a vehicle with a shallow console. This is not necessarily a great fit for sub-compact or compact vehicles. The holster id durable and made from Cordura nylon and provides you with elastic straps to ensure the weapon is secured and will not move when driving. The larger pocket of the concealed carry automotive is the location where the holster is housed. The holster itself can be removed and used as a side carry holster. This holster is ideal for most handguns, stun guns and Tasers and it will provide you with the protection that you need while driving comfortably to your destination.

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Advanced Performance Shooting Longest Haul Mounted Vehicle Holster

16Customer Reviews

If you are not a fan of the slightly bulky gun holsters for cars, there are more options for you. You also have the option to conceal carry your weapon in your vehicle with a mounted gun holster. This mounting holster is designed for left side mounting, or driver side mounting. This holster will be trusted by you because numerous other individuals that are in the law enforcement or military trust this holster. This unique holster is very durable and is able to endure rugged use for years. The holster is intended to be a permanent holster with installation to the center console of the vehicle. The holster is designed by a one craftsman to ensure that the holster is ideal to your personal weapon. This will ensure proper fit and it will increase the retention of the weapon in the holster. If you would like the holster to be mounted to the right side of the vehicle’s console, or the passenger side, there are options for that as well. You not only will be able to keep yourself safe while driving but you will also have a reliable location to store your weapon if you do not want to drive with it in your personal holster.

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Gun Holsters For Concealed Carry

Handgun Pistol Fire Arm Concealed Carry Holster

0Customer Reviews

Many gun owners that conceal carry their weapons like holsters that are able to be maneuvered into positions that are most comfortable and most practical for the wearer. The FireArm concealed carry holster allows gun owners to have this freedom while also maintaining the purpose of the holster. The contoured fit of the holster allows for retention without the threat of disengaging the weapon upon draw. The holster allows the wearer to have the freedom of placement for the holster with 360 degree rotation of the holster. This is perfect for lower back positioning and cross body draw. The holster also features a detachable magazine pouch in the event that you are bothered by the pouch in various placements of the holster. The holster is easily adjusted with a key wrench to provide you with the placement of your choice. This holster is not only great for civilians but it is also great for law enforcement and military personnel. For many left handed shooters, there are holsters that are available to you; however, they can be slightly harder to find. With this holster, you do not have to worry about whether it is designated for left or right handed shooters. The 360 degree freedom of the holster allows you to position the holster any way that you feel is necessary to perform properly.

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Gun Holsters For Inside Pants

Galco Royal Guard Inside the Pant Holster (Black)

5Customer Reviews

There is many gun owners and concealed carriers that would like to have the option to conceal carry your weapon on the inside of the waistband of the pants. Well, you are in luck; there are several different holsters such as the Galco Royal Guard to choose from for your handgun. Not only is this holster comfortable for a gun holster for inside pants but it also features durability and versatility. Holsters that are worn inside the pants provide ultimate concealment for even larger pistols. The holster features a rough side of leather that faces out for the utmost stability of the holster. The smooth leather pocket is reinforced for sturdiness and for the protection of your weapon. The holster allows you to re-holster easily and permits unrestricted movements. This holster is essential for speed and the accessibility to the grip provides this holster to be the most adaptable gun holster for inside pants. The holster is made from natural color, premium horsehide to ensure the durability of the holster. The holster also fits belts measuring 1 ¾ inches with and additional and optional belt channel of 1 ¼ inches. This holster is perfect for concealed carry inside the waistband of your pants and provides you with the comfort that you look for in a holster. This holster is also available for left and right handed shooters.

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Galco Fletch High Ride Belt Holster 

25Customer Reviews

Another great option for the gun holster for inside the pans is the Galco Fletch High Ride holster. This holster is a very popular design of holsters for Galco. The holster features a two piece construction that is very unique and is able to contour the body for added comfort of the holster. The holster is contoured to the natural curve of the hip while keeping the molding of the front of the holster intact. This design not only allows for a comfortable holster carry but it also creates a narrow profile to add to the concealment of your weapon. The holster is hand-molded to allow for perfect fit of specific handguns. This will add to the retention of your weapon when walking or sitting. The retention strap that is featured on the holster is specific to various firearms and the straps vary depending on the type of gun you will be holstering. The Galco holster features grip accessibility for speed, double-stitched seams, reinforced thumb breaks and a cover trigger guard. The holster is designed to fit double-action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols. The saddle leather is constructed to fit belts with the measurements of 1 ¾ inches and below. This holster is also available for left or right handed shooters.

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Gun Holsters For Motorcycles

True Element Men’s Single Panel Leather Motorcycle Vest

40Customer Reviews

If you are a concealed carrier whom rides a motorcycle, you may think that there are limited places in which you can carry your weapon. As this may be true, there are still options for you to conceal carry your weapon even when riding. You can decide to conceal carry your weapon in the vest that you are wearing when riding. With a vest, you can remain armed even when you dismount your bike when you reach your destination. This top grade single panel vest features thick pebble grain cow leather for the design. The vest features outside pockets with straps that are not visible to others, and two concealed gun pockets that are located inside the vest. The gun pockets feature built-in holsters and snap closures for weapon security. Is you are part of a motorcycle club; you will still have the option to embroider patches to the vest the offers a single panel back. The side laces are ideal for personal adjustment of the vest for a better fit and to provide comfort. There are also four snaps on the front of the vest to securely close the vest when riding of wearing. The vest also features armhole lining that are trimmed with buffer material to retain the fit of the vest.

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Medium Studded Throw over Saddle for Harley Davidson Bikes

0Customer Reviews

For you Harley Davidson riders want a safe location for your concealed carry gun, you have options. The medium studded throw over saddle for Harley Davidson bike is the perfect solution for you dilemma. The saddle is constructed ultra-strong and durable for many years of use. There is no rusting hardware that is used to construct the saddle and there is a carrying handle on each bag for added convenience when needed. The easy-open Velcro is ideal for easy access. There is no need to mount the saddle to the bike with the use of mounting hardware or support brackets. It is easy to install; just install the saddle going under the passenger seat of the bike and over the rear fender then tie down to the motorcycle’s frame. You can tie down the saddle using the attached leather tie-downs on each of the bags. You are also able to adjust how high or low you want the bags to hang on the side of the bike. Each bag is not waterproof but they are treated to be water resistant. This saddle is able to fit most Harley Davison, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha and Honda bikes making this gun hostler for motorcycles versatile for many different bikes.

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Gun Holsters For Running

Tactical Holster Shirt for Men

511Customer Reviews

Who says that you cannot be protected while working out or running around town? If you do not want to run with a side holster, or any other holster that could possibly drop the weapon during the workout, you still have options. You can invest in the Tactical Holster Shirt. The shirt is made from polyester and spandex. It is perfect for a workout shirt because it sits close to the body while letting your body breathe when working out and exercising. In addition to your gun, you can also store other items in the shirt pockets such as your music device or other exercise equipment that you may need. The design of the shirt will support you gun throughout your exercise leaving you confident with the gun holster for running. The shirt is also designed with flat seams to reduce friction when in use and prevent the friction areas from chaffing. The shirt will provide you with functionality when in use and two shoulder holsters. The durability of this shirt is ideal for working out while conceal carrying your gun. This shirt is also great when you are not working out. It provides you with the ability to carry without the need of any other holster design. This holster has been proven effective with law enforcement officials that are concealing carrying. This workout shirt is available in white and black.

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Women’s Concealment Short Shorts by UnderTech

57Customer Reviews

Women need a great holster to hold their gun when they are working out as well. So, UnderTech created some concealment carry shorts that will provide you with the gun holster you need when you are out running through parks and trails. The shorts feature concealment pockets, one on either side of the wearer, to accommodate for left and right handed shooters. The other pocket, whichever you are not using, will allow you to carry spare magazines or handcuffs. The shorts are extremely comfortable and will allow you to carry without a side holster or any other holster that is not ideal for running. Due to the comfort and the popularity of this gun holster, federal law enforcement personnel have found that this holster is practical and comfortable. The short shorts holster is ideal for wearing workout gear, skirts and shorts. The form fitting compression shorts are ideal for concealing a full-sized handgun underneath your clothing no matter what you decide to wear that day. This is considered to be the most comfortable gun holster for running and working out while still providing you with the concealment that you want. The short shorts holster is available in black, white and nude to be undetected in whatever you find yourself wearing. These types of shorts are also available to men.

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Gun Holsters For Revolvers

Galco Summer Comfort Holster

34Customer Reviews

Those of you that are revolvers owners, this holster is designed specifically for double-action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols. The Summer Comfort holster allows you to perfectly conceal your revolver. It is lightweight and very comfortable so you will not need to worry about the holster jabbing into your side when it is worn. The holster offers a Snap-On design to allow you to attach and detach the holster from your belt without the need of removing the belt. The saddle leather is reinforced and the holster is constructed to maintain its shape even after the revolver is removed. The smooth leather of the gun holster for revolvers allows the holster to ride with the movements of your body. The holster will provide you with combat grip and easy draw to ensure quality of this holster. You will not need to worry about not being able to access your weapon with this holster. This gun holster is great for all belt sizes up to 1 ¾ inches. The black gun holster is able to be attached to the inside of the waistline to ensure concealment and ease of the draw. The holsters are available in compact gun holster sizes and even regular sizes for wear on the outside of the pants as a side holster.

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Custom Gun Holsters

Holster RANGE Master

2Customer Reviews

If you are a concealed carrier, you may come across the dilemma in which you will require a custom gun holster, well you have options when it comes to this. The RANGE Master holster is a gun holster that works for both revolvers and semiautomatic weapons. The holster is approved by many gun companies and it meets the requirements of competition disciplines. The holster features a built-in rail that is made from double leather that guides the weapon into the holster. The double leather also protects the sights of your weapon when you are drawing. Draw tension, weapon stability and draw angle can all be adjusted to fit your unique needs. This design is also great for left and right handed shooters. You are able to purchase this holster in either black or brown. The leather is imported from Austria, Switzerland and Holland and is purchased on a pure vegetable tanned basis. The sleek leather contains no pollutants and is well-known by the compactness of the holster. The durable holster will last you for years to come and the holster will undoubtedly fit your weapon. The holster will be custom made for the weapon of your choice and adapt further over original weapons as time goes on.

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0Customer Reviews

If you are looking for a different style of custom gun holsters, the SPEED MACHINE holster may be a great fit for you. With this holster, you will have an adjustable 6 cm barrel length which is perfect for “Standard” guns as well as “Open Guns”. The conical muzzle bolt is adjustable and is designed with a new spring and safety slide to a full lock, which adjusts the draw retention. The bolt can be positioned and used for all calibers of handguns and revolvers. There are two models for this gun holster; the revolver model and the semiautomatic model. Each model features a belt attachment is available in either the 3D-Edition, which is adjustable in all directions, or the Standard-Edition, which is adjustable for gun height and draw angle. The adjustable angles of the holster make it ideal for left or right handed shooters. The revolver model is great for all common revolver frame sizes and with a barrel length of four inches to six and a half inches. This holster is also available in various colors to include black, red, blue or carbon design. This holster’s origin is from Austria and it is trusted among many customers. The design of this custom gun holster allows the holster to be concealed properly and allow you to have the quick draw that you require out of a custom holster.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Gun Holsters.

How do you break-in your holster so that your gun fits correctly in the holster?
  • There are many ways to break in your gun holster and many different people will have various methods of doing so. Many people will recommend wet molding. This method will work; however, there are cons to wet molding that could ruin your holster or the gun itself. Wet molding will consolidate the fibers of the leather which will in turn shrink the leather of the holster. If you use this method, and the holster seems too small for your weapon, do not try to force the gun into the holster for the first time. If you force the gun into the holster, it will be extremely difficult to remove. Instead of the wet molding method, try using the following steps to break-in your new holster. This process is called blocking.
  • Place your unloaded gun in a plastic freezer bag; do not cover the grip.
  • Slowly place the wrapped gun into the holster and twist the gun side to side gently to minimize tearing the bag that is around the gun.
  • Once you have properly seated the gun into the holster, twist it approximately 1 1/16 inches to the right and left; continue this for 6-12 times
  • Allow the bagged gun to remain in the holster for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Remove the gun from the holster and remove the bag from the gun.
  • Insert the unwrapped gun into the holster and ensure that the gun fits snug and not too loose. If the holster is still too tight for the gun, repeat the process until the holster is broken-in to your personal satisfaction.

If your gun holster has a retention strap, the strap may also need to be broken in. In this case, you can use the following steps.

  • Put your unloaded gun in your holster
  • Hold the grip of the gun in the right hand and hold the retention strap in the left
  • Remove the slack from the strap; prepare the retention strap to stretch taut by pulling
  • Keeping the strap taut, twist the strap back and for in a counterclockwise and clockwise rotation; repeat 10-12 times
  • Push gun away from you while pulling on the strap while continuing to rotate strap
  • Release tension then repeat 2-3 times again
  • Maintain strong tension as you attempt to snap retention strap closed.
  • Repeat this 5-6 times as needed.
  • Attempt to fit your unloaded gun into the holster; repeat process if needed

Is it really important that your gun holster matches the belt width to hold your holster?

1. Outside Waistband Gun Holsters
  • For outside the waistband gun holsters, you need a little extra room for your gun belt so that your gun belt can slide in and out without any friction on the belt. If your gun holster is exactly the size of your gun belt, the holster and the friction itself, will prematurely wear the gun belt.
    If you have a narrower gun belt, you will want to ensure that lock the holster in place really well. When doing this, you can run the gun belt through the gun holster slot and then under the gun belt loop on your pants. Before running the gun belt through the gun holster slot again. This will ensure that the whole assembly is more secure.
2. Inside Waistband Gun Holsters
  • Most of the inside the waistband gun holsters is measured so that they are close to the size of the gun belt but they are not exactly matched. You will need the extra room in order for the straps to operate as intended’ so that the gun holster can be snapped over the belt. If the gun holster was created to size perfectly with the gun belt, you would not be able to snap the gun holster on at all to your gun belt. The gun holster and the gun belt assembly would be too tight and you would be forced to put the gun belt through the loops of the pants making the snaps on the gun holster redundant. If you try to weave the gun belt that measures 1.5 inches for example, into a gun holster that is 1.5 inches, you would in turn ruin the top and bottom of the gun belt when removing the holster. The wear on your belt would be caused by friction in turn, ruining your belt. When you are looking for a holster, you want the gun holster to be ¼ bigger than your gun belt. This will allow enough room for the gun holster and belt assembly to fit properly without friction on the belt. The assembly of the gun holster and the gun belt will rarely move if the belt is tightened correctly; the tighter the belt, the less likely the gun holster will move.


Listed above are the top gun holster recommendations and reviews that will most likely fit your needs. It is important to know the size of your gun so that you are sure the holster will properly fit with the gun. If you are unsure, ask questions and you will quickly have your answers.